Our Services

Connecting from one city to the other can be much amazing experience especially if you want to travel on a budget. Our buses offer excellent travel conditions where you have the opportunity to view the beautiful countryside, nature, vast lands, mountains, valleys, and many interesting things on the way depending on your route. This is not until you travel with Winners Charter Bus Reno. We are an established company that operates modern and luxurious buses within Reno, Nevada.

Our services

At Bus Charter in Reno, Nevada, USA, we provide various services including passenger transport solution that connects different cities and towns within Nevada state. Our passenger buses are made with a maximum customer experience that ensures total comfort so that you can reach your destination while feeling great. The bus seats can incline at an angle so that you can lean and take a nap where there is adequate space so that you don’t disturb your neighbor. You can choose the seat next to the window so that you have a good view of the countryside during your journey.

You can also hire one of our luxurious buses to take you to an event with your family and friends. You will be provided with the best bus available that can accommodate the number of people in your group. We observe total cooperation with customers where our customer service will always listen to you and come to an agreement. The bus can be customized to match your event so that you can get to the venue in style. The best thing is that our prices are competitive and there is no day that we have ever turned down a customer due to high prices. We always negotiate and come to good terms that favor both sides.

Our buses are spacious enough to accommodate your luggage whereby we can pick as many belongings as you want to in case you are traveling somewhere to spend some time. The prices are fair and cater to your pocket too. You cant travel with your family on our buses and save a considerable amount of cash with an offer that you can’t get when using other means of transport. We always observe our time schedule so that our customers are not delayed anywhere and make sure to make stopovers at designated places to offer the passengers some minutes to stretch out.

We employ skilled drivers who always ensure the safety of our passengers is the first priority. You can request the drivers to reduce speed and they will cooperate to ensure that you have the feel comfortable while traveling on our buses. You can also book online and in advance which assures you to have a reserved seat days before your traveling date. This gives you adequate time to prepare yourself and reduce the stress of queuing when you come to the offices to book a ticket.

The next time you wish to travel to any destination in Nevada, always travel by Bus Charter in Reno, Nevada, USA. We provide executive and modern buses equipped with reliable Wi-Fi to keep you busy along the way. It is much fun and economical to travel on our buses. It’s now your turn to book the ticket and get on the move.