School Bus Rentals in Nevada

School Bus Rental

When you’re planning a field trip or a sports team’s travel, you need to know you can count on your transportation provider. You want them to get you there on time, with all your students and faculty safe and sound. You want them to be professional and efficient, and to help keep your event running smoothly. You need Winners Charter Bus Reno! Our bus rental services are available for all kinds of groups: K-12 classes, school and college sports teams, off-site faculty meetings, Greek events, college tours, university-led research gatherings, marches, protests and non-profit events. With our extensive fleet of school buses and charter buses—including full-sized charter buses—we’ve got exactly what you need for any trip. In addition to our large fleet of vehicles, we also have a reservation expert who will be happy to help you select the right bus for your event based on its size and location. We’ll make sure it gets there on time so your trip runs smoothly. Don’t wait another minute before booking with us!

School Bus Rental

Who lies to you that traveling in a school bus rental isn’t a fun way for you to travel? Many folks try to save some money by choosing to travel with standard yellow school buses over charter buses. Well, we not only understand you but also got you covered.

The fact is that not all traveling groups require luxury buses for transport services, some just need basic shuttles or one-way transfers to get them to their whereabouts. As a matter of fact, you need to know that yellow school buses are the safest means of transport when it comes to buses. This is because they are the primary transport for students, and sports teams, which include small kids, and as you know, all kids’ environments must be safe at all times. Due to this very reason, all our buses have undergone extensive and thorough State and Federal inspections to ensure that they are safe and in perfect working conditions.

Are you in Reno, Nevada and looking to hire a school bus for an impending school trip, Nevada tours, wedding transport, employee shuttle, extra-curricular activities or family/friend tours? Well, your search is finally over; with Winners Charter Bus Reno school bus rental services, renting transportation for a substantially large group of people has never been much easier. Winners Charter Bus Reno charter is one of the best brands offering group travel services in the state of Nevada, US.

Being a member of Transportation Safety Exchange approved carrier, Winners Charter Bus Reno offers one of the safest means of ground transportation for a large group of individuals. All our school buses undergo thorough monthly inspections to guarantee safety. On the other hand, all our drivers undergo extensive screening followed by the best kind of training available in the field.

Now, in each and every other field, customers services are key to promoting any services. One thing we are proud to boast about is our amazing staff who offer the perfect customer care services. We have highly-professional, well-trained yet friendly staff who are on hold to serve you whenever the need arises. You can also get in touch with us through our official email or telephone number. Rest assured, we will serve you perfectly whenever you need us.

For your field trips, corporate events ride to and from sports functions among several other relevant activities, Winners Charter Bus Reno school bus rental services is a perfect choice. Whether your school bus rental requirements are school-based, business-related or personal, we can confidently assure you that Winners Charter Bus Reno is guaranteed to exceed all your travel expectations. Day or night, we are good to take you wherever you want to go at competitive, yet affordable prices.

In summary, we offer very reliable and safe transport services for any group of people looking to travel. Here at Winners Charter Bus Reno, we stand above others by offering traveling solutions for both leisure and corporate travelers. We are heartily committed to ensuring that the planning of your group travel is seamless having you rather spend that time with the other crew; other staff, children, family, friends or guests.

Why Winners Charters?

Winners Charter Bus has been operating in Reno NV for years. We are a family owned and operated business that provides charter bus rentals in Reno NV, school bus rentals in Reno NV, wedding bus rentals in Reno NV, excursion bus rentals in Reno NV and more! We have the experience to handle any long distance transportation needs for you or your group. You will not find better service than Winners Charter Bus has to offer!

Field Trip Charter Bus Rentals

Field trip transportation to Reno, NV, is available from Central Charter Bus. Whether you are taking students on a field trip to the Reno area, or sending them to another city for a sporting event, we offer safe and reliable charter bus transportation options. Our school buses are equipped with seat belts and emergency exits that ensure safety for all of your students. Our charter bus services offer pickup at any location within 20 miles of our location in Reno; however, we also offer dropoff at a different location than where you picked up if you give us enough notice. If there are no other cars or vans available when you need one last-minute then look no further because Central Charter Bus has just what it takes: We even have special rates available during off-peak hours so now’s not too late!

Amazing Field Trip Experiences With Mini Buses

You and your group will be able to relax in comfort while you travel in a mini bus. Our mini buses are great for field trips, school events, sports travel, travel anywhere and college research. A mini bus can seat up to 33 people when it seats 12 or more people comfortably. Our mini buses are also very fuel efficient so you won’t have to worry about high gas prices. Every one of our vehicles comes with air conditioning and heaters as well as comfortable seating with cup holders for everyone on the team!

Motorcoach Transportation to Greek Events in Reno

Whether you are in Reno for Greek Heritage Month, or any other time of the year, we can provide you with the motorcoaches and school buses that you need to get your group where it needs to go. The best part is that we offer a wide variety of vehicles at great rates, so there’s no reason to worry about high prices or lack of availability when it comes to choosing us. In fact, our fleet includes everything from small shuttles up to full size motorcoaches (not including limousines).Our team has been working hard on our website and making sure that we have all the information you need regarding rental bus rentals in Reno NV! We hope that this helps clear up any confusion or questions that may arise while planning your trip here with us!

Tour Reno Colleges

Reno has a number of colleges and universities to choose from, including the University of Nevada, Reno. Reno is home to the University of Nevada, Reno—the main campus for higher education in the city. The school offers more than 70 bachelors degrees, 30 master’s degrees and 10 doctoral degrees across nine colleges. Its top-ranked graduate programs include engineering, health professions/science and law. With a low 24:1 student-to-faculty ratio (compared with national averages), you’ll get plenty of one-on-one attention in your classes at UNR! Whether you’re interested in learning more about one of these schools or touring their campuses yourself, we can get you a bus to take you there.

School Field Trips Across Nevadad

School field trips are a great way for students to explore the world around them. A field trip is an excursion undertaken by students or staff of a school, university, or other educational institution that takes place outside the classroom and typically off school grounds. On these outings, people learn about places or events that can help further their knowledge or experience. School field trips are a great way for students to learn about the world around them. Students will be able to learn more from their teachers on these trips than they would if they were in class. This will allow students to gain knowledge about things such as history and culture which is a good thing because it allows them to understand where we came from as humans on this planet Earth so far away from our home planet itself.

Sports Travel for Universities

Sports travel is one of the fastest growing market segments in the travel industry. Sports travel for universities, sports travel for universities in Reno, and sports travel for universities across all of Nevada and beyond has been on the rise. The need to transport athletes, teams, coaches and fans is growing exponentially as more schools add or consider adding football programs. Our team specializes in planning custom trips that meet your needs while providing a fun experience off the field so you can focus on winning games!

Travel Anywhere With The Best Bus Rental Company

Imagine a family-run business that has been serving the Reno area for over 50 years. This company is known throughout the region as the best bus rental company. The owners of Winners Charter are proud to offer safe, reliable transportation solutions to students, church groups and families alike. Their buses have been used by hospitals, schools and senior centers across Nevada. With a fleet ranging from 20 to 80 passenger vehicles available at any given time you can be sure they will have exactly what you need when it comes time for your big trip!

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We are a full-service transportation company based in Reno, Nevada. We offer charter bus rentals, field trip buses, school buses, and motorcoaches. Our fleet includes mini buses, full-sized buses and motorcoaches. As one of the largest charter bus rental companies in the US we have proven ourselves to be an industry leader. Our fleet includes mini buses, full size & motor coaches and is available for 20 hours or more per day as well as overnight service from anywhere in the United States to Las Vegas or anywhere else you need to go! There’s no doubt that our company provides the best bus rentals in the Reno area. We have a wide variety of vehicles available for all your transportation needs, including motor coaches and charter buses. Our main goal is to provide you with an unforgettable experience when it comes to travel and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service from start to finish. Whether it’s an exciting trip to Las Vegas or just a simple ride around town, we can help make your next trip more memorable than ever before!